Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NUYU for a New You

Teeth whitening is a growing part of the beauty and health industry. When someone wants to invest in their appearance, teeth whitening has become the number one choice and it continues to grow by 200% a year! There are stories about teeth whitening being a painful experience and that is a big problem to the growing industry. The procedure isn’t just for Hollywood stars at a medispa in Los Angeles.

The solution is NUYU, a teeth whitening procedure that solves the pain problem – and many more. The process involves the usual products. Carbamide peroxide and a mouth tray. However, unlike other systems, NUYU uses a patented mouth tray and a special composite of whitening formula.

The real magic happens when a blue spectrum of light is focused across the teeth while the whitening formula has been applied. All harmful UV rays and radiation are filtered out leaving a harmless blue light that activates the whitening agent leaving the teeth brighter and whiter over less time.

Because the process doesn’t demand a high grade bleach, the pain tends to be much less than other methods. Most people don’t even experience pain. Also, because light catalyzes the whitening formula, the procedure only takes a half hour.

Since NUYU teeth whitening takes less time, uses a better formula, and doesn’t involve pain medication, the price on the procedure is greatly reduced. It is possible to go in and out of the doctor’s office with minimal zingers and maximum whitening.

It is easy to see why the industry is growing so rapidly. NUYU removes the obstacles that kept most people away from teeth whitening. It seems like our teeth are losing shine every day from medications, coffee, or even fruits. It is the perfect time to take back our pearly whites.

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