Monday, June 29, 2015

Why Hormone Therapy is Effective

Hormones are invisible; they operate in the background of our daily lives. It’s like breathing. You don’t have to think about it, it just works. If our breathing suddenly started struggling, we would immediately notice. The same can go for hormones.

It isn’t as easy to spot hormone imbalances, though. It can be small changes in lifestyle, such as emotional roller coasters or a change in appetite. This is a consistent problem among many people, and it is not always properly treated or even diagnosed.

The first step is to realize that strange bodily changes might be from hormones. It is easy for hormones to lose homeostasis and lose the balance that keeps us happy and healthy.

Acknowledging this will help a faster response to the issue. The next step is to get a professional diagnosis. Dr. Berkley specializes in this kind of diagnosis and treatment. The treatment to a positive diagnosis is hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy involves analysis of the hormones and discover which glands are exhausted. Then, hormones are injected to provide the specific glands relief from hormone production. These glands can be exhausted from stress, overuse, or diet. Sometimes, there is no fault from any of these. Life can just be difficult.

Hormone therapy is a way to rejuvenate the body with naturally produced chemicals. It is a way to supercharge the way the body functions. Emotions, health, and energy are all tied to hormones, and rebalancing those out is an internal retreat for the body.

The best thing about the process is it uses the natural systems of the body to reinvigorate. Many medspas in Los Angeles choose to use generic hormones, but at some locations it is possible to get a Bioidentical hormone treatment where the chemical composition of the hormones are copied perfectly to emulate the body’s production.

Keeping an eye on internal health provides a healthier and happier life. Making sure the body is topped off with good food and happy glands. This can prevent diet issues, osteoporosis, and sexual struggles. If your life feels out of balance, consider that hormones may be the invisible force affecting your life.

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